The Tablet Jr. > February, 2021 

By Allison Vargas, Grade 8

Allison VargasAs a community, Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy has been preparing for a wonderful opportunity. The Tablet Jr. is part of the Brooklyn Tablet, a newspaper serving the Diocese of Brooklyn. The Tablet Jr. gives students in catholic schools to become published authors. There has been loads of excitement over the past few weeks as students step up to this new challenge. A new school is chosen each month to participate in the news article writing process. Based on the theme, students would write an article to reflect the theme and provide information to the readers of the Tablet. This month, the theme was goodness. Teachers, like Ms. Brittany Ciccone, helped the students prepare by explaining the theme and teaching students about the writing process.

Students worked on their assignment during English Language Arts class and on their own time. This was an opportunity for the school to work as a community. It gave the students an opportunity to become a published author in a real newspaper. Students in the upper grades, focused on news articles that summarized events. The younger students worked on artwork and other Tablet projects. The articles will be published and students will be able to reflect on their hard work.