Presidential Election Awareness in the Classroom

Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst system devised by the wit of man except for all the others.” It’s better than the rest because it gives every citizen the right to participate and to be heard. That means it’s up to us. Democracy will not work well unless we citizens get involved, speak up and exercise our rights.

I can’t think of a better place than the classroom, to continue Winston Churchill’s philosophy of democracy and government.

What are some things you can do with your class to help your students better prepare themselves for this year’s presidential election race?  President Barack Obama, Democratic nominee and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are running for presidency in a few months. Students should have some knowledge and awareness of their views. More than ever, young people are expressing their rights to vote.

Last election term 2008, set a record high of youngest voters ever to participate and vote in an election – according to Pew Research Center Publications(2012). Students are more involved politically through school debates, student Government clubs, and student organizations.

There seems to be more of a patriotic loyalty to this great country we live in.  Young men and women are getting more involved and even running for certain political office at a young age.

When I taught Junior high at St. Fortunata, in East New York, Brooklyn, I remember holding debates with students.  I teamed up with another teacher, combined classes and had students debate Republican and Democratic views. This allowed students to voice their opinions and be heard.  It also allowed them to collaborate thoughts and learn to accept and respect other views.    As an assignment, I expected the students to watch both the Democratic and Republican Convention and write a reaction paper.

This month you can view the following election videos through Learn 360 under the subject heading Social Studies. If you require a pass code to access these programs, please contact me @

  • Deskercise: Election Day for Grades Pre-k to 5
  • The Election process Grades 3-8
  • Will Of The People (Colonial Williamsburg) Grades 4 -9 under (Custom Video)

You can also preview this website for cool election educational activities.

October 1, 2012