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Enlightenment For Young Minds Through Media

We believe that is a fitting motto at CTN. Media in the classroom can transport students, inspire them, and certainly enlighten them. I will be using this space to share ideas and thoughts on what that might mean. I’d like to hear what you think as well! Paul Cedeno, CTN Program Director.


Back to School

Welcome back teachers, and I hope you had a restful summer.

The Catholic Telemedia Network is excited to announce its 2012 Back to School Enhancements:  new  religion programs on Learn360 and Espresso, a new online service.

“Enlightenment For  Young Minds Through Media” is our motto!  These are services to look forward to this upcoming school season.

If you need a username and password for your school in order to get started with any of our services,  please contact me @ 718- 499-9705 x 306 or email @

LEARN 360 – Interactive media, on-demand  service for Grades


MATHLETICS – Engaging online learning environment for Grades

3 & 4.

ESPRESSO – Elementary cross-curricular multimedia learning site with a wide range of interactive classroom resources that inspire students to learn for Grades Pre-K-5.

CLEAR – 4-G Wimax Internet Service for more efiicient use of the Internet.

The beginning of the school year is a new start for all – teachers, students, principals and administrators. For many students, adjusting to their schedule, making new friends, and maintaining good grades is an ongoing process and a challenge.

I hope you finally rearranged your classroom and seats for the last time.  As a teacher, I always had mixed feelings about the first few weeks of school.  Even though I was excited, I just didn’t like dealing with the Indian summer weather, dealing with my allergies was tough, setting down the ground rules and procedures for the school year was always a challenge, but it got easier every year.

Being a teacher during the first weeks of school is exciting and challenging.  Lunch duty and keeping track of demerits was not something I looked forward to.  Meeting parents on the first full week of school was not unusual.
So hang in there teachers! There are 177 instructional days to go.

September 4, 2012