It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the birth of Our Lord, and now the season of Lent is quickly approaching.  To quote a pastor: “Blest ashes are a sign of repentance, confession makes them real… This year we should all add doing something compassionate to our Lenten agenda. Generosity and compassion are more valuable than giving up desserts, candy, etc.”

We hope you take advantage of the many CTN Lenten resources on Learn360.   These resources can be used in the classroom to prepare your students for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.   All you have to do is click on the Lenten graphic on the home page of the CTN website.

One of the most popular resources is Fr. John Cush’s Lenten Reflections. These 10 reflections are short and to the point. They take you from “Ashes on the Forehead” to the “Resurrection.”

Hope you make good use of Lent this year – it slips by very quickly.


Submitted by —  Clara Esposito