This was a monumental year for us – we converted from TV to Broadband. We were able to promote brand new services to meet these digital times. We weren’t able to do this without your support and cooperation, and have an unprecedented level of first-time users.

Whether you need a digital video, or you need to prepare your 3rd and 4th graders for the State Math exams or simply need 4G Wimax Internet Service for more efficient use of the Internet, you can count on us!

We’ve been able to satisfy clear Internet service in schools badly needing Internet service. And of course, students and parents have been raving over MATHLETICS.   To give you an example, there are 3.5 million live cumulative math points logged in on record, as of the month of May.

This year we’ve increased utilization visits and have gotten more schools involved in taking part in our media services. Schools have been receptive to our contests, and we appreciate it.  St. Francis of Assisi of Brooklyn won the trip to the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Discovery museum in Times Square.

We leave you with the exciting end of the year MATHLETICS contest, and thank every school that participated.  Nearly 30 schools registered.

As the end of the school year approaches, we at CTN thank you for allowing us, to be a part of your media service needs, and look forward to the next school season. We look forward to introducing  “new” educational shows through Learn360 and new Catholic programs as well.

We will continue to strive to meet our motto — Enlightenment For Young Minds Through Media.

June 6, 2012