The Tablet Jr. > Recycling Is Important

By Emily Dominguez
St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy

    This planet is built on recycling! If recycling did not exist, this would be a world where we could not live. Our planet would be disgusting and not in any condition to have human beings, plants or animals.

     The world has a role and we do too. It is our social responsibility to reuse, reduce and recycle. The world’s role is to keep us fresh and alive.  People seem to be unaware of the damage they are causing our world when they litter and throw garbage on the ground or in the water. The world is just like us. When we don’t take care of ourselves we get sick so the more we pollute and contaminate the world, it is getting sicker.

    Clean air is important because if the air was not clean we would be dangerously sick and the earth would not  be safe for us to live. Our role on the earth is as important as the job the earth also has to maintain. Did you know that it takes plastic 500 years to decompose? Everytime we litter in our beloved ocean, more animals can become extinct. That’s about 1,000 sea animals each year!

     Recycling pieces of paper can save 17 trees everyday. 16,000 gallons of water produces less air pollution.  Recycling just one glass bottle saves 50% less water and 20% of air pollution. Here are some examples of things that can be recycled: aluminum, glass,  paper and plastic. 

    Three important words to help us remember to recycle are reuse, reduce and recycle. These are special words that may put you on the correct path into being a socially responsible person to other humans and the  Earth. Many things around us and many products that we use have been created through recycling. If we want our planet to survive we must make it our duty to recycle and keep the world clean.