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St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy

         What is social responsibility?  Social responsibility is when children volunteer to take good care of people and the earth.  Social responsibility is good for schools because students can work together to help others and find groups or organizations that are in need.  People can help others by donating clothes, food, and money. Different organizations have different needs. Students can work together to research the needs of people to help make their lives better.  People can recycle to keep the earth clean and take good care of it. Everyone has a social responsibility and it is done every day, but there can always be more ways to lend a helping hand.  

           St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Doctors, nurses, and staff research different illnesses and diseases to help treat patients and cure them. The hospital doesn’t discriminate based on religion, race, or ability to pay.   When a child is being treated the family never receives a bill from the hospital for treatment, travel, housing or food. St. Jude shares their research with other hospitals to help millions of other children. 

          Students and teachers can donate to St. Jude.  As a social responsibility, we can volunteer to raise money to help researchers and scientists work with doctors.  Here at Saint Elizabeth, we have done fundraisers to help raise money for children. Students were able to dress down because they donated to the hospital. 

            Children with a sickness or disease aren’t as fortunate as others.  We are able to go to school, eat whatever we want, or play with your friends.  These children do not always have a smile on their face and with social responsibility there are ways to help these children smile even on the worst days.  Another example is having the school make cards and draw pictures for the children. Their faces might light up and smile when they receive the cards. Another example is donating to Toys for Tots.  This organization donates toys during Christmas time for children at St. Jude. Children in the hospital are not allowed to go home for Christmas. When they get the toy it brightens their day. 

         You can also volunteer during events.  St. Jude has a lot of events to help bring communities together.  There are plans and events that we can go to and help out with taking care of them. This hospital is helpful because they treat their patients with love and respect and understand what they are going through. 

         In conclusion, St.Jude is a very positive and helpful environment to those in need. It supports its patients because they know they will get better and how they know is by testing and giving a helping hand. The kids really love the doctors and staff because they make it fun for them even during a hard time.