By Madeline Accardo, Gr. 8

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy 


God gifted us with his creation, plants, animals, our lives, our friends, and family, and yet we have no respect for it. We disrespect God, and all that he did for us, and now we have to live with the consequences.

COVID-19’s Affect on Climate Change

Humans have polluted the air, water, and land. We destroy forests, and animal habitats, and have no respect for any other form of life. Jason Bordoff said, “COVID-19 may deliver some short-term climate benefits by curbing energy use, or even longer-term benefits if economic stimulus is ​linked​ to climate goals — or if people get used to ​telecommuting​ and thus use less oil in the future.” Now that people are quarantined at home, there is less air pollution from the lack of cars on the street, and factories have also stopped polluting the air. Although this virus is deadly to humans, it is greatly benefiting the Earth.

COVID-19’s Affect on Pollution

The lack of people traveling, and working due to the coronavirus, is having a good impact on our Earth. states, “On February 28, we reported how decreases in industrial, transportation, and business activity since the coronavirus outbreak had reduced levels of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China.” Coal, and oil industries have

also dropped due to the coronavirus. Since oil, and coal activities are dropping, carbon dioxide emissions were at least 25% lower than in 2019. However, that 25% decrease will only reduce the anual total by 1%. The canals in Venice, Italy are also much cleaner because there is less boat traffic on the canals since everyone is quarantined. The canals are the cleanest it’s been in 60 years, and fish, and dolphins have been spotted swimming there again.

COVID-19 is Replenishing the Earth

The coronavirus is helping our Earth replenish itself. Although this disease can kill people, it is greatly benefiting the Earth, and the plants, and animals. Our Earth needs help, and people are not willing to make a change, but this virus might be the reason that our Earth replenishes itself. Only 0.66% of people that are infected die, and those people will go to heaven, and live in eternal happiness with God. However, if we respect God’s creation from the beginning, we would not have had problems like climate change, pollution, and overpopulation.

We had no respect for God’s creation, but now with the coronavirus, the Earth is starting to replenish itself. God worked hard to make us a beautiful place to live, and we need to do everything in our power to restore it.