By Abigail Roy, Gr. 7

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy

As Catholics, we are called to respect God’s creations, in doing this, we are fulfilling God’s wishes for us. God created us to honor him and fulfill the covenant he created for us. One major factor of fulfilling God’s covenant is respecting all of God’s creations.

Natural Disasters

In America, and countries all over the world, there are natural disasters constantly occurring. Some natural disasters include tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and tornadoes. In many cases, people get hurt or lose their homes. As Catholics, we are called to respect the lives of people and all creations. During times of natural disasters, we need to respect people and help them through hard times. When people are suffering all we can do is be there for them and help them. Natural Disasters relate to Respecting God’s Creations because we are respecting the humans that God had created. We fulfill the covenant by respecting the creations on God’s Earth.
Abortion & Adoption

The issue of abortion is a highly debated topic throughout Catholic faith. In the Bible, it strictly states that life begins at conception. The way this idea is presented in the Bible shows that it is against the laws of Catholic faith. A solution to this Respecting God’s creations issue is adoption. If a mother and father are not fit for being parents, they could put the child up for adoption. Putting the child up for adoption allows for the child to have a chance at life. The Bible encourages adoption as is seen in the story of Moses’ adoption. Moses’ mother put him in a basket and put him into the river because she didn’t want him to get killed. The Pharaoh’s daughter found him and adopted him. When a mother puts up the child for adoption instead of having an abortion, it is considered respecting God’s creations.

Pollution is killing the Earth God provided for us. The pollution that we inflict on the Earth is not respecting God’s creations. We as Catholics have to respect the Earth that God gave us. Our water is being polluted because companies are throwing trash and toxic substances into the water, this kills the animals. Major factories release gas into the air which is hurting us and animals. This pollution to air and water can make some places inhabitable for animals and humans. We are called to respect God’s creations and in order to do this we need to stop pollution. The pollution is killing animals and ecosystems. This is not right because God made Earth for us and we need to respect all of the things that he gave us.