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By Samantha Gordon, Grade 7

Samantha GordonRosa Parks is most known for her act of bravery when she didn’t allow a white person to take her seat on a bus as she was an African American woman. In the time when she lived, there were many varieties of segregation, and this was something many people struggled with. Not only was she African American, but she was a woman, and being a certain gender was a complication to face during her lifetime. People weren’t seen equally due to the color of their skin and the gender they were. Over the years many people have heard of Rosa Parks and were inspired and motivated to become the best version of themselves because of her.

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. She attended segregated schools in order to receive an education and experienced segregation as an African American girl such as having to walk to school while the white children could go on a bus to school. Parks had gone to the city’s Industrial School for girls at age eleven and in 1929 she attended a laboratory school for more education. Rosa had to stop school due to her sick grandma. She didn’t let this determine her lifestyle and in 1932, she got married with Raymond Parks who helped her graduate high school. Rosa had finally received a job by becoming a member of the Montgomery chapter of NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People until 1956. This was the start of her journey.

On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks was riding a very crowded Montgomery bus and the bus driver saw there were some white people in the aisle. The bus driver asked some black people and Rosa to give up her seat, but she refused. She was charged and arrested for this. Rosa began a bus boycott on December 5 which lasted 381 days. People even had protests in segregated public places. After this experience Rosa Parks was known as the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.” Rosa impacted so many people’s lives by going against racial segregation and showing people that it wasn’t right. In 1987, she co-founded the Rosa and Raymond Institute for Self-Development which provided career training for younger people. Parks ended up with many awards, for example, the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Rosa Parks died at the age of 92 in 2005 from natural causes.

Rosa Parks was a woman who accomplished what she had wanted because she was dedicated and committed. Although Rosa’s life was a bit difficult at times, Rosa never gave up and stood for what she believed in and what she supported. Parks had a fulfilled life because she worked for it. Segregation never got inside Rosa’s head and she kept moving forwards. Today, Parks is seen as a role model for young women and others.