The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Aubrey Neos, Grade 7

 aubrey neosSelf-awareness is having a better understanding of ourselves. For example: By knowing what gets me upset, or mad I can try and avoid these things and control myself. One experience that I had that I maintained self-awareness is during basketball. During basketball, I tend to get very mad and frustrated when I lose or I miss shots.

Over the years I have gotten better at the sport, which gets me more involved and that leads to giving off more emotions. My dad is my coach for my team, since he is my coach I am definitely not shy around him. I have realized that I get too mad, and I try to control myself. I have become self aware of my frustration when I play, so I try to avoid it. Even if we are losing or if I keep on missing, I remind myself to breathe and to work on my shot when I get home. 

I don’t only lose my temper when I play games, even when I am at home. I play against my brother and my dad and they always purposely say things while we are playing because they know it gets to me. I have become self-aware of this problem and every time they say something that gets to me, I just try to work harder. Before I realized to control myself,the slightest thing would make me mad, every time I can’t control or am not self-aware of my emotions I tend to lose. I realized that I have enough skill to beat them, it was just my frustration holding me back. Then I became self-aware, ignored them, and I worked harder. I then started to play fairly and it was finally skill-to skill without me getting frustrated and losing.

Self-Awareness is a skill I think everybody should learn. It helped me get better as a basketball player and it helped me become more coachable. It’s not only basketball, it can be everyday issues. Once you become self-aware of things, you can learn to control it.