The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Piero Anteri, Grade 6

What it means

  Self-discipline is when you have control over something that you do. You can choose what to do and what is best for you. You control everything in your life.  

My Experiences

Piero Anteri  My experience with self discipline took place about two weeks ago. I was having fun playing on my PC with my friends until I heard my dad call my name. I then responded saying “yes dad”. My dad then says, “Can you get off the game and come downstairs”. I then had to decide if I wanted to keep on playing with my friends or If I would go downstairs like my dad asked. I decided to go downstairs with my dad. I chose this because it was the right thing. My dad wanted to spend time with me. This shows self-discipline because I had control over my actions and I chose what was right. 

Some experiences I have sometimes are when I go to church. I am always on my phone before we even get into the car. Then, I am on my phone all the way to Church. I have to put away my phone when I get into Church. Sometimes I am very tempted to go on my phone, Even to check a notification that I received on my phone. I decided that even though it is very tempting I should not do it. I know that it is wrong to go on my phone during Church. It is right to keep it in my pocket. 

  The last thing that I experienced with self-discipline happened about 3 weeks ago. Again, I was having fun on my PC and playing some games with my friends. My Mom at the same time was about to go to the city. My mom said she really needed help in the city for my grandparents’ apartment buildings. I was having a lot of fun on my PC and decided to stay at home. I should have helped my mom because it was only her and she needed some help. I had control over this situation but I did not do the right thing. If I had done the right thing, my mom would have been happier because I was with her and I was helping her instead of playing the game. 

  Self-discipline is important in everyone’s lives. Even though everyone is not perfect, you should still try to do the right thing with every situation that you have control over.