The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Ethan Vargas, Grade 7

ethan vargasMy name is Ethan Vargas and I am 13 years old. Self-discipline is one’s ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it. I interpret this as having a certain goal in mind and committing to it no matter any temptations that stray me away from my goal. I like to set short and long term goals for myself which makes it easier for me so I do not lose this motivation throughout my journey. These short term goals can be changing habits such as eating healthier or working out and long term goals can be getting a scholarship to a college or pursuing a certain career. Throughout this essay I will be sharing with you my breakdown of how self-discipline affects me as a student and as an individual.

Student Motivation using Self-Discipline

Motivation and engagement plays an important role for a student’s ability to learn and achieve. Self-discipline is closely related to motivation which is why a student’s ability to control the way they behave is crucial for a student. Students who use self-discipline may be better at their decision making because they understand their long-term goals, and do not allow their decisions to hinder their mindset for their future. Those that have a goal in mind may be more successful academically. Although self-discipline may be tough to achieve, the final destination will be worth the time and effort. This school year I set a goal to study harder and to achieve the goal of earning a Principal’s list award. 

My short-goal with Self-Discipline

This year my goal is to get a Principal’s list award for the whole year. I know that 7th grade is the most important year for high school so I have to keep my grades above a 95%. This is an example of self-discipline because I know that if my grades are not well then I will have a worse chance of getting a full scholarship for high school. I will also strive to be more mature, I know that if I fool around a lot it will affect the way I behave in the future. Wanting to be more mature is another example of self-discipline because I know that if I do not act mature I am failing my desire of behaving better. 

My long-term goal with Self-Discipline

My long-term goal consists of becoming the best Neurosurgeon. To aid my process I am studying different diseases now to have a more advanced knowledge for them when I encounter them again in the future. I use self-discipline for this action because I am taking action for my future by preparing young to be the best version of myself that I can be. I will continue to use self-discipline throughout my future because I know that it will help my journey in getting a full scholarship to a highschool, sustaining my motivation to succeed, and becoming the best neurosurgeon that I can be.