St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy

My grandfather, Kevin McCann inspires me.  He has taught me to work hard and to be kind to people. My pop was a Captain in The United States Marine Corp.  He fought in Vietnam. He does all he can to help Veterans in Breezy Point and Rockaway. He delivers meals to some, gives them rides to the VA Hospital and conducts ceremonies to honor them.  He is the Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He also helps troops that are currently serving. Each year he organizes a drive to send packages to troops overseas who are unable to be home for Christmas.  

On Monday, December 4th, volunteers who were Confirmation Candidates Blessed Trinity, volunteers from the American Legion, Point Breeze Fire Department, Sons & Daughters, students from St. Francis de Sales, members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Breezy Point Coop employees, former Congressman Bob Turner, his wife Peggy and a bunch of patriotic Breezy Point residents spent an hour at the Colony Theatre preparing the VFW annual “Packages for the Troops” to be shipped overseas to the troops. Earlier that day my grandfather went to BJ’s with some of his friends and bought well over a thousand pounds of Oreos, Snickers, Baby Ruth’s , Beef Jerky, Slim Jims, powdered drink mix, Pringles and Rice Krispies Treats.  In addition, over 225 individual packets of personal hygiene products like deodorant, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and razors were purchased. The Confirmation candidates, provided over one hundred Christmas stockings with candy, snacks, puzzles and personalized messages. Students from St. Francis de Sales made the soldiers Christmas cards that were shipped with the packages. Thirty boxes were sent to troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq.

My grandfather says this is all possible because of the generous donations from the residents of Breezy Point and wonderful organizations like the Graybeards, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the American Legion and the Sons and Daughters.   He is always grateful to everyone who helps whether it is with a monetary contribution, shopping with him, or helping him pack the boxes. He is a great man, who loves his country and runs this event. I am proud of how he serves my family, neighborhood,  and our country. 

grandfather Kevin McCann for Tablet Jr