At CTN, we are always looking for resources for our teachers to use in the classroom. All this month, we listed links and websites that relate to the month of October.

Recently, I came across a new feature in Learn360 that I would like to share with you. Interactives are part of the non-video content of Learn360 – it is a great animated and engaging way to bring content to the classroom or independent learners.

The interactive format consists of embedded HTML5 activities, games and simulations within the platform. The interactive will load within a video player sized window on the page. All of the controls and buttons to start each one can be found inside the interactive itself.

Topics range from mathematics to civil history…students can listen to an article being read, or they can become a character in an animated lesson on synonyms.

Here are my current top five interactives – make sure to check they out to see if they are a Trick or Treat!

Learn360 interactives:

Computation Castle -In this castle themed math game, students must reverse the curse placed on the royal family of Computation Castle, by using their measurement, place value, fractions, and exponents knowledge to turn them back into human form.

Shape Invaders – Super hero themed game where students must destroy shapes, triangle types, and polygons with their magic hexagons posing as imposter shapes.

Calendar Clowns – Clown themed Calendar Game in which each day on the calendar is an answer to a word problem involving calendar vocabular.

Torture the Teacher -In this classroom themed game, students must drive the teacher crazy by choosing the incorrect spelling of each words. This game utilizes the 100 most misspelled words in the English language.


General Tso’s Spicy Synonyms

Prove to General Tso you can withstand his spiciest chicken by using your skills to identify the non-synonym. First, look at the word that appears at the top of the page. Find the word among the four that is NOT a synonym. If you choose correctly, your “spicy tolerance” will remain constant. If you choose incorrectly, General Tso will make you eat the spiciest chicken he can fry up. When your “spicy tolerance” runs out, the game is over. There are five total rounds.


Submitted by: Angela Russell, Instructional Media Specialist