The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Nicholas Nuccio, Grade 4

Nicholas Nuccio          This year in fourth-grade religion class, my classmates and I learned about St. Patrick.  I was very impressed and amazed by this Saint.  I learned about all of the obstacles and challenges he faced during his life and the strong perseverance he had to overcome them.  St. Patrick wasn’t always close to God.  He was happy and carefree growing up and never paid too much attention to keeping God in mind.  His life suddenly changed when he was kidnapped from his home and family by a group of thieves and pirates.  They chained him and brought him by boat to Ireland.  He was only sixteen years old and forced into a life of slavery for the next six years.  While he was a slave, he became very lonely and scared.  He could only pray to God to keep the faith and give him strength.  St. Patrick’s relationship with God changed and he grew closer to him.  During a dream one night, God told him that there was a ship that would return him to his home country of Great Britain.  St. Patrick listened and followed his dream as a calling from God.  He then decided he would walk to the coast of Ireland.  After walking 200 miles, St. Patrick met up with sailors that would help him to find his way back home.  

                 Later on in his life, St. Patrick became a priest and went back to Ireland.  St. Patrick devoted the rest of his life to teaching people in Ireland about Christianity.  It was not always easy because he needed to teach an entire country.  He found it hard trying to preach to people about God who believed in pagan religions.  He also got resistance from pagan priests who didn’t want him taking their power away.  He worked hard to convert them to Catholicism and founded many churches and monasteries across the country of Ireland.

                 I thought about St. Patrick’s life and realized the strong perseverance that he had during these tough times.  It must have been hard for him, yet he did not give up.  This takes a great deal of self-discipline to escape slavery and walk two hundred miles in search of freedom.  It also took a great deal of self-discipline to teach everyone in Ireland all about God and the Holy Trinity.  There were a lot of people in Ireland who didn’t even know who God was!  I admire St. Patrick’s perseverance because I know it is hard to not give up on something that is very hard.  For example, when I was trying to learn how to ride a bike, I gave up a few times but later on I kept trying and I learned.  Perseverance and self-discipline are sometimes difficult but you keep praying, God will help you and give you the strength.  St. Patrick devoted a lot of time doing this and if I lived in Ireland at that time, I would be very thankful for St. Patrick’s teachings.