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reading a story over zoom

Reading a story over Zoom.

By Nyah Cordova, Grade 8

nyah cordovaAt St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy in Woodhaven, during the week of February 8th, we are doing many activities as a school to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. We participate in this event every year and teachers and students have a great time preparing special activities. Due to COVID-19, we can’t have parents in the building, usually we would have parents come visit their students’ class. This year parents were allowed to join by attending remote instruction on zoom and watching the class lessons. The younger grades from kindergarten- 4th grade celebrated the 100th day of school by focusing on the number 100. The teachers also have some of the upper grade students reading to the younger students through zoom sessions.

On February 9, Grade 8 is reading, “ Make Way for Ducklings’ ‘, to the 1st graders through zoom. Ms. Ciccone of the eighth grade and Ms. Valentino of the first grade organized this event. On Wednesday and Thursday in grades 5-8, 1 or 2 students get to be teachers for a class! The teacher will be the student and the new teacher will take on some of the responsibilities of a teacher. This includes a lesson, assigning homework and guiding class discussions. On February 12, there will be a trivia game between students and teachers. It is for grades 5-8 and those teachers. Each student will create a question for the 5 core subjects, math, english language arts, science, social studies and religion. Mrs. O’ Malley is a teacher for grades 5-8 and she said, “ I’m so excited for Friday!” Catholic Schools Week is a great time for students and students to have fun together.