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How hard can it be?

By Giavanna Franqui, Grade 4

Giavanna FraquiLent is a six-week time period where we wait for Jesus’ resurrection. During this time, many Catholics give up one thing for 40 days as a sacrifice to show their respect for the sacrifice that Jesus made. The hardest decision is choosing one thing to give up. My mom always tells me that when we choose what we are sacrificing, it must be something that we will miss, otherwise we aren’t really sacrificing anything.

It may seem like it is easy to do in the beginning, but once a couple of days go by, you realize that you start to miss the thing that you gave up. It helps you to understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us, especially during this time. The choice that Jesus made was much harder than the decision of choosing what we are giving up to honor him. 

When you give something up for Lent it should be a special item, food, or activity. Giving up one of these for Lent shows self-discipline. During Lent, if you give up an activity or a hobby you might want to learn new ones. The church requires you to be 14 years or older to give something up for lent but it is fine if anyone younger wants to participate in the celebration.

If you break lent, meaning if you do or use what you gave up for lent it isn’t a sin because Lent isn’t just about giving something up it’s celebrating the preparation for Jesus’ resurrection on Easter. However, when you stick with what you give up, it helps you become more disciplined, and in turn, you gain a sense of pride. When you give up something, you can replace it with something else. You may be surprised that you find that you are actually gaining a new hobby or interest, or even spending more time with your loved ones. 

Lent is important because it is a season of preparation for Easter. We have important days like Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Palm Sunday. We have these days to show the beginning and end of Lent and also to replicate important events that happened on those days in history.

Now you know what Lent is and why we give things up for Lent. We should also attend church like normal on Sunday during Lent. sticking to what you give up during Lent may seem like you are losing something you enjoy, but you will be surprised with what you find during that time of absence.