Summer time is the best time to gather your thoughts after finishing a long school season. It is time to reflect on last year’s teaching experience, and strategize the upcoming year based on your success and challenges. But before you do that…have some fun!
Some fun things to do over the summer besides reading a good book, is to try something new: perhaps canoeing, kayaking, or bungee jumping for the more daring.  Broadening your horizons, doing something new will help you recharge and restart for next year.
It would probably be best to keep up with recent educational trends within your subject area. Read current publications, magazines or articles or attend a PD class. The Museum of the City of New York offers participation in professional development events, which counts towards maintaining certification.
Most teachers reuse the same lesson plan year after year. This would be the best time to enhance and tweak your lesson plan accordingly.
If you have used technology in the class and have streamed videos, or if you are a new user, take advantage of CTN’s digital streaming services.  This would be a good time to create a library of digital videos using LEARN360 or Espresso. The last time I checked, teaching with technology is still the most effective way to engage students.  If you need access to your school passcodes, please feel free to contact me at
If you teach the younger students, work on your classroom rules, maybe add, delete, or enhance new rules.  This will go a long way during the year.  Keep things fresh, not stale and boring.
So, if you haven’t treated and pampered yourself yet, what are you waiting for?  You deserve it!  Before you know it, school will begin again.
Try these Ice Breaker ideas in class:

July 24, 2013