October Edition -Dignity of All Workers

 The articles and artwork of each Tablet Jr. are created by the students of the diocesan academies/schools, and each month there is a new theme and a new school.  

St. Edmund School, Brooklyn, is this month’s school to showcase its journalistic skills.  Enjoy reading the additional student submissions as well as using the Teacher Resources below. This is the first edition of the school year.  As we begin the school year, let us pray that the Catholic Social Teachings guide us to be good citizens and people, as well as good Catholics.  


Teachers Are Essential Workers

BY Shea Jacobs, GR. 7 Teachers make the future happen. I met with a teacher who agreed to share his thoughts about the dignity of workers… FOR THE FULL ARTICLE SEE THE COVER PAGE OF THE TABLET Jr.

All Workers Are Heroes

BY Olivia Beshara, GR. 7 First responders get their names because they are always the first on the scene when an emergency or disaster happens. FOR THE FULL ARTICLE SEE PAGE 2 OF THE TABLET Jr.

Respect is a Two Way Street

BY Zevulun Becker,  GR. 7 A growing concern in today’s society is that people do not always respect each other and the work that they do. FOR THE FULL ARTICLE SEE PAGE 3 OF THE TABLET Jr.

Instructional Guide

Expand on the Catholic Social Teaching Curriculum by using this month’s Teacher Guide to expand your students’ content and understanding of how we can show respect and dignity for all workers.


Ellis Wagner Grade 7 Amazon factory workers are being paid minimum wage. They are not recognized as being essential to the economy of our nation and the Amazon Corporation. They are doing a challenging job. Imagine having to come to your workplace to support your...


Christopher Sobolow Grade 7 Police officers, firefighters, and EMT workers are part of emergency services. This reporter will explore one more group of service workers who should be included: plumbers. People often need to remember the importance of plumbers. We would...


BRIGID McGRATH GRADE 7 During the height of the COVID19 Pandemic, small businesses that could remain open gained much support and respect, but what about the unappreciated workers in those businesses? Of course, running a small business is a challenging task, but many...


Angelina Rivera, Grade 7 Police officers have challenging jobs and are often not truly respected. A police sergeant recently shared her experiences with this reporter. She related several incidents that occurred when she was on duty. In one instance, a group of...

Student Artwork

Students submitted artwork and photos that represent the theme. See the edition for additional artwork.

About the Tablet Jr.

A collaboration between CTN and The Tablet editorial staff, The Tablet Jr. includes stories written by middle-grade students from diocesan academies and schools as well as student-created artwork. Additional elements include a question-and-answer column, a diocesan history column, fun activities such as word puzzles, and a news article written by a member of The Tablet staff.

Instructional Resource Guide

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