The Tablet Jr. > February, 2021 

By Karen Paniagua, Grade 8

Karen PaniaguaThis year, eighth graders across New York City have been preparing to take a new step in their lives. They begin to embark on a new journey, high school. After months of practicing, studying, and hard work students have entered the high school application process as early as last spring. The TACHS test is a test given to eighth grade students hoping to attend a catholic high school in New York City. New York City students took their TACHS exam this past November, though there was a small twist, one that couldn’t be overlooked or ignored. Eighth graders took their exam online. This was the first time the exam had switched to a remote model. According to some, it wasn’t too difficult, but others begged to differ. The students were tested on their reading comprehension and their math skills from their home. The test took a total of three hours, though breaks were available for those who needed.

The hard work paid off, many students getting into their desired schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, and Manhattan. TACHS results were mailed to students, giving each one the opportunity to see the result of their efforts. With those scores came acceptance letters and scholarship awards. The eighth graders celebrated their acceptances, and began to make their final decisions. For some, the challenge wasn’t over yet. Students waited to take the Specialized High School exam, also making sure to complete public school applications. Despite the changes, students will still get to participate in this process and make one of their many tough life choices.