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Registration for the 2013 TerraNova On-Line Reporting Services (ORS) workshop is on-going.

Please be aware that schools will be able to receive and view their TerraNova information on-line by early December.  It is imperative that a representative from your school sign up for one of the workshops being given on November 25 (Queens) or December 10 (Brooklyn).  Usernames and passwords will be assigned at this workshop for all schools.  In order to view your school’s 2013 TerraNova Common Core testing data, you must have a username and password.

Principals and/or school TerraNova trainers and classroom teachers in Grades 3-8, may register through Option C.  These workshops will be your chance to secure your username and password, and the information contained on the website can be utilized by all teachers in a school simultaneously.

Any questions, please contact Diane Phelan or Cathy Kenny.