The Tablet Jr. > March, 2021 

By Ayleen Bravo and Meryem Roman, Gr. 5

Ayleen Bravo Have you ever heard of a doctor who traveled around the world just to help people? We have. His name is Dr. Hani Ashamalla.

Dr. Hani has been helping people of all ages since 2009. He has traveled around the world preaching and assisting people. He has traveled to over 30+ countries. “When my wife and I traveled around the world, we saw many poor people and we wanted to help them”, says Dr.Hani. “I feel very satisfied with helping others.”

He has a 20 step development program at the Bishop Abraam service. He has a training service for nursing and a coaching team for children to learn to read and write, and family counseling. He is also part of the Light for Orphans program, which he runs with his brother and other skilled people. This is the service in which he visits many countries to help people and orphans in need.

Meryem Roman

Light for Orphans helps empower communities, strengthen health systems, providing the basic health and spiritual needs of developing countries. They have touched the lives of 10,000 most vulnerable and neediest children and adults. In fact, 69 million children suffer from malnutrition and 22,000 die in poverty. They are trying to make a change to that.

Dr.Hani teaches and preaches the word of Christ. He does bible studies, liturgies, Sunday school, and spiritual meetings. He also teaches kids to learn to read and write. He even has social training and spiritual development services. “I feel like God has given me enough, I would like to share that with others.”

light 4 orphans logo

The Light for Orphans slogan is “Making the world a brighter place.” This slogan proves that The Light for Orphans program’s goal is to help others and make them happier and healthier. They have visited Africa and some Asian countries. Dr. Hani specifically likes to go to poorer countries so that he can help more. He helps sick people and takes care of orphans and poor families. He establishes churches in these countries. “So faith comes from hearing through the word of Christ”–(Romans 10:17)

Today, Light for Orphans and Dr. Hani are both trying their hardest to make a change in the world. They are determined to keep on preaching and lead people to their full potential. “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”– Sally Koch