The Tablet Jr. > January 2022

By Liam Higgins, Grade 7

Liam HigginsAs 97 million people lost their jobs, all people must notice the increase of the poor and vulnerable.  No one should ignore this problem, and now we have no choice but to acknowledge it. If this problem goes unanswered, there will be too many poor and vulnerable people to assist  Those who don’t have the money to buy a house shouldn’t be ignored. We should help them get a stable job. Those who can’t support a family shouldn’t be left to live on the streets. They should receive the support they desperately need. We have the means to help the poor and vulnerable, so that means we should support them to the best of our ability. Jesus himself has given us plenty of examples on how to do this. 

Jesus spent his entire life spreading the word of God.  He also helped plenty of people. In Mark 10:13-16, Jesus tells his disciples to let some children come to him. When Jesus met these children, he blessed them. In Matthew 21:14, Jesus healed the blind when they came to him. There are plenty of examples of Jesus helping the poor and vulnerable. Why shouldn’t we follow these examples? If we are Catholic, we will not turn down those who need help. Instead, we will help them! We should follow the example Jesus set for us! If we can, we should always help the poor and vulnerable. 

Why has the amount of people living in poverty grown? It’s Covid-19. In the last two years, we have been experiencing Covid. People have lost their jobs, and therefore their homes. Without jobs, these people have been forced onto the streets, desperate for any kind of help they can get. Last year, 400,000 people applied for Covid related unemployment benefits (4.4 millionTotal). That was only one week at the start of Covid-19, but we can lower the number of people who need these benefits if we intervene. These poor and vulnerable people need help.