The Tablet Jr. >The Impact of Social Media

BY Chloe Maurice
Midwood Catholic Academy

Social media can have many positive and negative effects on people’s lives.  People often turn to social media to stay connected.  It can even foster a sense of peace and well-being.  However, social media can also negatively impact people.  For example, too much exposure to it can cause stress and anxiety and disturb our inner peace. The content we are seeing can add tension or happiness, depending on the author. 

For many, social media can help people feel a sense of peace because it helps people feel connected with the world around them.  You can connect to friends, family members, and other like-minded individuals. Social media has been the only way many people could feel a sense of belonging during the recent pandemic.  Even if you could not leave your house, you could still get on your phone or turn on your computer and interact with others locally or around the world.  Many people worldwide, both children and adults, have been sharing pictures, videos, and interacting through Zoom calls and virtual events.  Life might seem lonely right now, but thanks to technology, we have been able to find peace and tranquility while staying connected in a unique and modern way.

On the other hand, social media can sometimes cause stress and anxiety.  People can sometimes find negative and hurtful comments online.  Sadly, not everyone shares and delivers a sense of love and peace. Social media has given a platform to cruel people. The ability to share rude memes or steal other’s words or work for their own.  Luckily, we can turn off negativity online when we are confronted with it.  We can block anyone who may be causing us harm like cyberbullying or find a trusted adult to eliminate any negativity.  

As a social media member, we have a responsibility as a digital citizen to help others and not cause them harm. One way to do this is by sharing funny videos or entertaining memes to help cheer someone up if they are dealing with social media overload. Social media has been a great way to help maintain mental peace during the sad events of 2020.  It has allowed people to find joy, happiness and feel connected to their fellow human beings.