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By Lochlan Griffith, Grade 4

Lochlan GriffithMrs. Marino who is a Spanish and a Religion teacher is interviewed to discuss changes in the last two years.

Lochlan Griffith, a fourth grade at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, interviewed a teacher named Mrs. Marino at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy located in Bayside, New York. Mrs. Marino is a teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy.

She picked teaching because she likes to teach young minds and see them empowered. Mrs. Marino loves to spend time with her students. She works with a group of twelve teachers. She teaches Religion and Spanish. Mrs. Marino’s favorite part about teaching is watching her students evolve into young men and women who are making a difference in their community. Mrs. Marino has taught grades three through eight. She wants to keep teaching and she doesn’t want to change her job. Mrs. Marino has been teaching for ten years, but she has only been teaching at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy for five years. Mrs. Marino was not personally affected by it, but it was heartbreaking to see what was happening in the world. The worst to her was not being able to be in the classroom with her students and not being able to provide them with individualized attention. Mrs. Marino thinks one of the major changes that came about due to Covid-19 was the use of technology for instruction which she believes is a positive change.

Lochlan is very thankful that Mrs. Marino can still teach her students and help them learn. Lochlan likes when Mrs. Marino is teaching him because he thinks she is a great teacher. He hopes she can stay teaching and can help more kids learn. Mrs. Marino is thankful that she can still teach during Covid-19.