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Can you help other people too?

By Anabella Tarnawa and Aurelie Whitsett, Grade 5

Anabella Tarnawa

Anabella Tarnawa

There are some people who have had big injuries that have changed their life, some people are born like this. No one can control this, but doctors, nurses, and other essential workers help these people to live their lives. These essential workers help people with injuries or disorders so they can still participate in fun activities like running and playing sports.

They build special gadgets for injuries, such as fake legs and arms, wheelchairs, and more. They make these gadgets specialized for playing sports such as making a running leg. There are also types of medicine that will help an injury.

Ela Wojcik is a nurse that works at a hospital. She treats people without kidneys. Human beings should have two kidneys, they are essential for every human body. If someone doesn’t have one, they would need to get help right away. She sees people with diseases, this disease happens when you have high blood pressure. People with this disease have to have dialysis at the hospital. These people can’t live their lives without help.

Aurelie Whitsett

Aurelie Whitsett

People like family members can donate kidneys to people who don’t have any and help them live their lives. She has been helping people like this for a long time.

“Helping other people is a gift of life,” Wojcik says.. Not only can essential workers help other people, but you can too, by donating or just making people with this disease, smile. Whatever you do you can change the world with your own kind of courage.

There are other diseases, viruses, and injuries that people suffer with too. A lot of Covid – 19 patients have perished from the virus. Other than doctors and nurses, there are other essential workers that help these patients, such as people who make the vaccine. Before the vaccine was released, many older people got it bad and have died from it.

Now scientists have been working on a vaccine that saves many lives.They are still figuring out how to stop this with lots of other help from other people. In the meantime, people sixteen and up can get the vaccine so that the people around them don’t get hurt. We can also do our part and stay six feet apart.

We can help all people with injuries. Such as helping them to cross the street, help them get up the stairs, or even helping and teaching them how to play a sport in a safe way. There are many other diseases out there killing people all the time, but lots of people are trying to stop this. Can YOU help other people too?