Have you won the lottery – the golden ticket to have access to the Central Park procession?  In the DeSales office, there have been periodic shouts of  ‘I got it!” as confirming emails were sent by The City.  We’ve caught Papal fever.

We are all excited about the Holy Father’s visit and CTN wanted to do something that could build excitement on a student’s level and create some buzz in the school.  So, every school will be receiving a Pope Francis doll!

The doll is simply a catalyst for the teachers.  A fun way to start a discussion on who is the Pope…what does a Pope do…why does Pope Francis think it is important to come to the World Meeting of Families?

We wanted to connect in some way to the Philadelphia Congress so we are asking schools to have their students take a picture with their Pope doll in a family setting: class family, family of teachers, after school club family – it is up to the students to define that family community.  We will post the pictures  in ‘family’ albums.

CTN family members, Clara and Laura

CTN family members, Clara and Laura

To extend the fun, every school that participates will be entered into a raffle to receive a mystery box of Pope Memorabilia.  And those items in the box can be used later in the year, as awards or incentives to students.

Our teachers are very creative, so I think our little Pope Francis doll will be used in many different ways.  We have a great teachable moment.

To help teachers plan for the visit, we have collected a number of links and other resources, and posted them on this site.  One of those links is for a new animated video, The Life of Pope Francis, which is available via Learn360.  If you find other resources that you think are worthy, send them to us via CTN@DeSalesMedia.org.  We’ll post those too.

¡Viva el Papa!


Gina Krainchich – Director, Educational Media Services