By Ariana R., Grade 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

      Displeasure and anger is targeting the innocence of people in the world. Just about half of the people in the world don’t have the courage to find a solution for an unrightful act. However, it doesn’t take an object, it just takes your mind and your action, which is forgiveness. Forgiveness is used throughout the world within all of us.  We strongly practice forgiveness everywhere we go, and we can all list an example of a time we have practiced forgiveness in our lives. 

     Letting people continue an argument with another person can just lead to worse consequences. Not forgiving people can break-up things with a strong relationship with someone or somebody, however, it doesn’t mean you have to forgive them. For example, two close friends fighting with each other. One of them has to apologize, and the other person may or may not forgive the other person. If the person possibly forgives them, this can lead to a strong impact to both of them. Although forgiveness is used in simple situations, forgiveness can go into darker, and deeper situations. A deeper situation that would be practiced in forgiveness would be a daughter who forgave her mother for abusing her. Many people would consider this as a deeper situation. A large number of people wouldn’t forgive their mother or father for abusing them, however, you wouldn’t know, since you aren’t them.

     Some people in the world have difficulty achieving forgiveness. Some people may think it’s hard, and some people will think it’s easy. Some people may not even know what forgiveness is yet. Forgiveness isn’t something you inherit from someone. Forgiveness is something you achieve. Forgiveness can be something that is a skill for people. Some people may not be practicing forgiveness anyway. In that case, some people can start practicing forgiveness. Even though “forgiveness” may just be one word, it can do so much on you, and others.

     All in all, forgiveness has a big impact in the world. Many people in  the world practice forgiveness, almost everywhere. Forgiveness is powerful, and almost everyone may practice forgiveness. There are plenty of examples of forgiveness, and there may be billions of examples. Everyone has a problem, and a solution, and the solution can be forgiveness. In conclusion, forgiveness is all-knowing, and is practiced by many people, and can be achieved.