The Tablet Jr. > March, 2021 

By Mariam Samwiel and Lilian Roman, Gr. 4

Mariam Samwiel My community helps people coming from Egypt. People help comfort people still coming from Egypt. These courageous people love to help people coming from Egypt and these people still do it today. When people are coming to America these people comfort them and help them learn about America and it’s places. These courageous people are very kind by spending most of their time helping people coming from Egypt. They are also thankful for everything that God has given them. We should pray for these nice people that help the people coming from Egypt. One such person is Mother Samia.

Mother Samia believes that helping people makes her feel happy and glad helping these people. It makes her heart burst with love, happiness, and care. She loves to see a smile on people’s faces. Mother Samia loves caring for these people and kids. For instance , she loves to give crosses out to the children of the community. She is a one of a kind person that is dedicating her life to others. She loves to donate to help the poor children and parents in the streets- to help lift up their souls to live.

Lilian RomanGod has given these people to us to show their loving care for one another. Mother Samia is a loving and caring person. Mother Samia is always glad and happy to see new people coming from Egypt and her heart is full of happiness, kindness and faithfulness. This kind hearted soul always has a blessing for people coming from Egypt.

Mother Samia definitely lives by her favorite bible quote “I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink.”