The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021 

By Sofia Caliendo, Grade 8

sofia caliendo-minThere are many experiences that people go through, and within these experiences, you come out of them knowing more and being more self-aware about your actions. Overall these personal experiences teach you a lesson and make you better. We all need to cope with change and be more self-aware, especially now because of Covid-19. As everyone knows, the coronavirus has stopped and changed the ways things are done, including Confirmation at our local churches. Before Covid-19, people did things differently from now, but we have learned to cope with what has happened. 

At St. Luke’s School, we are making Confirmation very soon, and it has a lot of new regulations we need to follow to keep it safe. In the past, doing Confirmation was very different, and it is a significant sacrament to receive because you are becoming a part of your church and confirming your Baptismal rights. The church is still trying to make Confirmation as unique as it could be due to the virus. Two years ago, the kids receiving Confirmation had their Confirmation without a mask and had as many family members there as they wanted. We have learned to deal with our new circumstances and have will only a few family members with us to share this spiritual moment. 

I have asked a few of my classmates how they feel about Confirmation and how it will be done this year. Some of them responded with how reasonable it is to wear masks and stay safe even though we are celebrating an important sacrament. Wearing a mask shouldn’t affect how vital and unique Confirmation is for the candidates. We only need our parents, friends, and sponsor to be there with us for Confirmation to make it memorable. The most significant presence is God and the Holy Spirit. Others have said that wearing a mask doesn’t help, and it is pointless. They just make it hard for us to breathe, and it makes us uncomfortable. Confirmation would be a lot easier and better without a mask and smaller groups of students for safety. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Confirmation and how it should be done this year due to the coronavirus. 

Both sides agree that the vital thing to remember is that we are becoming adult Church members.  As adults, we must have self-awareness and trust in the decisions made by our community leaders. Wearing a mask is the only option right now, and others who believe we shouldn’t get their chance to fight for it. We need to be mature and deal with wearing a mask. We are old enough to be self-aware about keeping our masks on and keeping our community safe. In conclusion, knowing and being more self-aware about covid and staying safe makes us kids have to think like we are older to make smarter decisions. Although Confirmation will be different,  it will always remain an essential and memorable part of our lives.