December 19th Edition – Joy

We hope you enjoy the newest edition to The Tablet Jr., a monthly four-page pullout for elementary school children. The articles and artwork you see are created by the students of diocesan academies, and each month there will be a new theme and a new academy.

“Joy,” one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is the theme.  Joy is a great theme as we await the birth of our Lord.  St. Brigid-St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Academy in Brooklyn is this month’s academy to showcase its journalistic skills. Enjoy reading the additional student submissions as well as the Teacher Resources below. Let us know what you think!

A World of Change

By Christopher Beato, Grade 6

Joy is the feeling of happiness. The feeling you get when you’re having fun or finishing your homework and get the rest of the day off.


How Should We Feel? The Importance of Experiencing Joy in One's Life.

By Valerie Neira  Grade 8

Joy, to me, is enjoying my time with others. When thinking about joy, you would think of just being happy, but it is more than that.


Teacher Resource Guide

December 2020 Instructional GuideCheck out our Teachers Instructional Guide for this months edition! 

Let the Light Shine In

A piece on letting joy be the light through our darkest times.  By: Diandre Thomas  Grade: 8   Joy brings the happiest feelings to a person. Joy cheers us up when we are sad or angry. Although it may be a feeling joy is much more than just a smile or...

My Family Brings Me Joy

How my Family Brought Me Joy! Noah Craballo, Grade 6 Joy is something that is naturally inside you; it's a very amazing emotion.Joy is something that you don't have to learn but it’s something that you can teach others about. My parents had so much joy when God gave...

Perspectives of Joy

A look into how joy is felt amongst my friends.    By: Oscar Almanzar  Grade: 7   Joy is the inclination of satisfaction when you're doing what you love. It’s the smell of you waiting for your food in the oven, The frozen yogurt on a hot summer...

Enthusiastic About Joy

A piece on how I stay enthusiastic about the joy in my life.  By: Martin Farber  Grade 8 Joy, joy stands for happiness. Joy is something that strikes smiles into many, it’s something that sparks one’s happiness. Whenever I think of joy, I think of people...

Light At The End of the Tunnel

A piece on hope and joy during these troubling times.       By:  Lenis Pasochoa.       Grade : 7  Joy is what you feel when something is going the way you plan. Joy means, the emotion evoked by...

Made The Force Be Joy

Finding joy through our greatest gift, faith. By: Logan Millan Grade: I believe that joy is a good feeling caused from a separate force. What I mean is that a person can be naturally happy, maybe they are just in a happy mood, but if someone gives you something nice...

Student Artwork

Student-submitted artwork and photos that represent the theme of JOY.

About the Tablet Jr. 

A collaboration between CTN and The Tablet editorial staff, The Tablet Jr. includes stories written by middle-grade students from diocesan schools as well as student-created artwork. Additional elements include a question-and-answer column, a diocesan history column, fun activities such as word puzzles, and a news article written by a member of The Tablet staff. 

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