Anyone who works in business – small or large – is often asked about their brand.

CTN Logo

CTN logo 1980’s

The most basic concept of a brand is the company logo. What is it that is instantly recognizable as you and conveys a clear sense of what your business is?  CTN never considers itself a business but we do have a strong mission rooted in nearly 50 years of history. So what is our brand?

It wasn’t until the 1970s that we began calling ourselves CTN, which was when our rainbow first appeared. I am not exactly sure why the rainbow was chosen, but maybe my young daughter was on target when she called it ‘happy’ – it was the 70’s after all.  I am rather certain that the design was a collaboration of the various CTN stations operating in the major Diocese in the country,  a true ‘network’ of Catholic Television Stations.  More than likely, the rainbow signified the promise of education. Can there be a more effective path to attaining the gold than knowledge?


CTN logo 2009

In an effort to stay current and appealing, through the years CTN Brooklyn has tweaked the rainbow logo – always trying to stay true to its form.

Changing a logo goes beyond being creative. There is history to contemplate and more importantly a need to represent the future.


So when you look at the new CTN logo unveiled for this school year, I hope you recognize a hint of our proud past –  the rainbow.  But that rainbow has transformed itself into a

Catholic Telemedia Network (CTN)

CTN logo 2014

representation of the digital wave of education; tablets, online texts and assessments,

collaboration and exploration all served by connectivity to the Internet.  I think this logo will be around for awhile – digital learning has no boundaries in sight.


  Gina Krainchich, Director of Educational Media Services, CTN