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By Maya Cozzolino, Grade 4

Maya CozzolinoAn interview by Maya Cozzolino and Mrs Trufelli a teacher of 4th grade and 5th grade Math and Science.

In 2019 the Covid 19 was spreading around the world. An interview between Maya and Mrs. Trufelli took place discussing the changes of the school. Mrs. Trufelli had to be on the computer and teach the 4th and 5th because a pandemic was spreading around the world . The interview took place on October 14th on Thursday at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of Bayside. Mrs. Trufelli, a math and science teacher of 34 years of teaching .The discussion centered around the Covid- 19 effects.

It all happened in 2019-2021 all over the world. so teachers had to work hard like Mrs. Trufelli . Covid 19 has affected everyday lives. When Mrs. Trufelli was interviewed she told me that she was teaching for 34 years and never ever did something like this happen to her. So for Mrs. Trufelli it was very stressful for her because sometimes when the students had to print something they did not have a printer so they would have to go somewhere to print it out.It was very hard for Mrs. Trufelli. Also she had to go on a zoom and she taught 2 rooms full of students. It was very very stressful for Mrs. Trufelli.

Maya Cozzolino is so thankful that Mrs. Trufelli has been so kind to teach these students.Mrs Trufelli is such a good teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of Bayside NY . We are lucky to have Mrs. Trufelli as our teacher.