Vocational Week

This week we celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week.

I remember as a young boy attending Guardian Angel School, an elementary Catholic school in Chelsea, Manhattan. There was a strong spiritual influence by the clergy there.  Priests and nuns always had an impact in our daily educational lives.

Sister Marie Delores, my fourth grade teacher, was tough as nails and demanded the best from all her students. I recall her helping me with my phonics skills and spending countless hours after school remediating me in my reading and writing skills. During reading time, if you misspelled a word or took too long to read a paragraph, she would make you start all over. It was tough love, but it worked!

Sister Veronica was my fifth grade teacher.  Unlike Sr. Delores, she was passive.  She was always willing to help students who needed help.  She would straighten my tie and remind me to tuck in my shirt.

Discipline, education, respect and a love of God were always the message. I also remember guest speakers, specifically priests, advocating religious vocations within the priesthood.

My belief in my Catholic faith will always continue to be inspired and influenced by these experiences.

Not every child is athletically gifted, nor does every child want to hold a professional career or learn a trade. You may have a child in your classroom who is called to a religious vocation such as a priest or nun. It is our responsibility to foster and guide these students’ love of God towards this path.

Pursuing a relgious vocation and making a difference in people’s lives is rewarding. Do you have a student who might be interested in being a priest, brother, or nun?

What can we do to entice a broader audience to the calling of God?

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