There are many ways to conserve resources. Recycling batteries, aluminum, bulbs, bottles, paper, and old electronics are some ways.
There are benefits to practicing good environmental stewardship. Besides educating students, you are preparing them to understand the environmental challenges they will be faced with. Through waste reduction you are helping your school, administrators, and diocese on a larger scale, not to mention students are learning to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.


Whiteboards are replacing chalkboards doing away with a legacy of chalk while technology has allowed schools to go paperless … these are just some examples of how schools have implemented waste management techniques in the classrooms.
CTN offers environmental programs relating to this topic – On Demand and on eView.
Kids In the Garden (AG1 – AG6)
Our Green Planet ( AJ1)
Eco – Kids (XN1 – XN3)
Explore this site.
It will connect you to “Think Green resources” and help your students learn more about recycling and the environment.
How does your school participate in reducing waste in the classroom? We would love to hear from you and have your ideas shared with others for a cleaner and healthier classroom and planet.