By:  Kyle Chalumeau, Grade 6

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

Hope can be defined in many different ways. It can refer to a desire or an aspiration, or simply an optimistic state of mind. The word hope is actually a Hebrew word which means to expect.  

             Hope is important because it gives people the will power to accomplish their goals no matter what life throws at them. It allows people to approach problems with a positive mindset. Hope can bring joy and happiness in a bad situation, and provide confidence when you are in doubt. I’m not scared or worried because I believe God is watching over all of us and protecting us. If he wasn’t protecting us the virus could have been worse than it already is. Also, I know that God won’t let anything horrible happen to us under his watch. Perhaps, this whole thing is a blessing in disguise from God. I believe God is showing us how fragile and unpredictable life is and that we should be grateful for what we have. God wants us to know that we should live our lives differently and not be so reckless with them or waste them. 

            During these times it’s easy to forget that God is with us, he made us, and he has even given up his own Son for our salvation. He will also always listen to our prayers. It’s important to stay hopeful during these times and try not to be pessimistic or negative. This whole pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety and worry but it’s important to remember God’s promise to be with us. There is so much good that has come out of this pandemic. There is less air pollution because less people are driving and flying in airplanes. People who are normally busy, have more time to spend with their family since they’re staying home during this time. These are moments to be cherished. The virus has brought us together and most importantly shown us how we need hope.