Free Webinar
What Do Games Do Well in School?
Presented by Lee Wilson, CEO of Filament Games
Monday, Sep. 22 at 4pm ET


Game-based learning is an emergent concept, and there is a lot of uncertainty about how implement games in the classroom in the most beneficial and effective way. In our community’s next webinar, Lee Wilson will focus on answering the two core questions educators face when integrating games into curriculum: WHAT aspects of classroom practice are games especially well-suited for and WHEN should they be used? He’ll discuss the challenges inherent to classroom instruction in terms of time constraints, location, and budget, and will identify the ways in which games can help teachers deliver an immersive experience in an achievable way. Join Lee on September 22nd to learn about best practices for game integration, points on what games don’t do well, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Mr. Anthony Biscione
Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools