Habits of Mind for Successful Students

Students who are successful have more than just academic knowledge. They have certain habits of mind that allow them to manage stress, build endurance and handle academic and emotional set-backs.

This Webinar has been recorded.  You can access this webinar and all our monthly webinars anytime after the live presentation at www.catapultlearning.com/webinars

In this webinar, learn six habits of mind that can be targeted for improvement and have a significant impact on student success, and explore classroom strategies to bring each one to life:

  • Persisting towards solutions
  • Working with precision
  • Asking questions
  • Working with others
  • Making connections
  • Monitoring progress and embracing learning

Presented by one of Catapult Learning’s Education Experts:

Dr. Andrew Ordover, VP of Product Development and Curriculum for Catapult Learning

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