How To Personalize Learning Plans for Your Teachers
Tuesday, December 17th at 4pm ET


Presented by Tom Murray, Director of Technology and Cyber Education, Quakertown Community School District, Bucks County, PA

Is your district utilizing a one-size fits all approach to PD?  Is most of your PD top-down?  Are you cultivating a culture of teacher leadership and allowing teachers to lead?  What’s your district’s philosophy and vision for professional development?  Join us for our community’s next webinar when Tom Murray will explore methods for PD reform. He also will discuss the value of teacher ownership as part of the professional development process as well as ways your district can transform professional development from top to bottom.  If one of your goals is to provide meaningful, effective professional development, where teachers are invigorated and inspired, this session is for you.  Join Tom on December 17 to learn how to personalize learning plans for your teachers.

Motivate Students by Integrating Tech into Learning
(Even When Tech Access is Limited)
Wednesday, January 8th at 4pm ET


Presented by Daisy Dyer Duerr, Principal, St. Paul Schools in Arkansas
Technology is the great equalizer for student circumstance – whether it be socio-economic, location, or social-emotional issues. Technology is something today’s generation constantly engages in and engagement is the key to student learning. We must meet our learners where they are, and engaging them is the first step.
Passion-based learning creates some of the best results in student engagement; very few students today are NOT passionate about tech – so it is simply a matter of teachers embracing that same passion. In our community’s next webinar, Daisy Dyer Duerr, Principal at St. Paul Schools in Arkansas, will give us specific examples of some of the amazing technology that is being used at her rural district, where less than 10% of our students have computer access in their homes. She will show how this technology has been a “game changer” for their students. See how this small-town school is now providing a global education through technology. Join Daisy on January 8 to learn how to better motivate your students by integrating technology into learning, even if tech access is limited.

Digital Leadership
Changing Paradigms for Changing Times
Wednesday, January 22nd at 4pm ET


Presented by Eric SheningePrincipal, New Milford High School (NJ)
Digital leadership is a strategic mindset and collection of behaviors that harnesses and leverages resources to create a meaningful, transparent, and engaging school culture.
In this webinar, high school principal Eric Sheninger will discuss the key Pillars of Digital Leadership to move schools from change to transformation. Learn how to unleash the learning potential of your students by tapping into their passions and creative desires. Discover new ways to better engage stakeholders to create a school community focused on success and pride. Leading in education becomes exponentially powerful when using technology and the ensuring knowledge, connections, and resources to your advantage. Join Eric on January 22 to learn how to use digital leadership to transform your school.

Mr. Anthony Biscione
Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools