By Nichole Jurski, Gr. 8

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy

The Coronavirus has completely changed how we are living our everyday lives. At the moment we are living through history. The recent events of the Coronavirus have shut down schools, restaurants, Churches, theatres and so much more. Most of us are at home watching TV, reading books, or we are on our electronics all day. We went from being in the sun everyday and seeing our friends to looking out the window and having our conversations electronically. These are hard times, but we will get through this together. 

The question that we keep asking over and over again is when is this going to be over? Whenever it seems like it is getting better, we hear on the news that cases are increasing, or psychologically people are a little bit unbalanced from the lack of contact with people or the outside world. Sometimes we hear about how some people are acting disrespectful or uncaring to the essential workers who are risking their lives everyday to provide us with medical care or food on the shelves. Although it seems impossible that it is never going to get better, it will. 

Even though we heard about the unkind words of some people in this civilization, we have to focus on the pleasant ways families and neighborhoods are bonding, and the ways in which essential workers are being thanked. Some neighborhoods are giving food and their gratitude to essential workers. Teenagers are grocery shopping for the elderly or those who can not leave their house. Neighborhoods are having distance concerts and getting to know each other. The bonds of friendships are now growing stronger than ever from all the new ways we are communicating. Families are also bonding more. They are watching movies, playing board games, and eating meals together like never before. They are getting to know each other better showing that at least something positive can come out of this situation. 

Even though we are distance learning and stuck at home, we need to remember that it will get better. It will return to normal. We will go outside, see our friends, and go to restaurants. Everything that we miss will come back to us. We just have to be patient and remember that there are people that care for us, and we will get through this together!