Wisdom is the power gift

By Paulina LoCascio and Giulia Viggiano, Grade 8

St. Bernadette Catholic Academy

Paulina LoCascio

Paulina LoCascio

What is wisdom? A question we never thought we’d ask ourselves. How does it affect or impact our lives? Wisdom takes us above feelings and emotions.  It does not sit in whirlpools of envy, anxiety, or anger.  Rather, it brings peace to the heart and to the mind.  It is through wisdom that one comes to realize that forgiving others,  and being kind and accepting of all –  is powerful.

We see wisdom as the most important gift of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom uses intellect, will, and compassion. Wisdom is the fruit of love and it shares with us the love that it carries. The gifts that wisdom gives us floods us with immense power and meaning. Wisdom gives a healthy dose of God’s perspective and the ability to make judgments based on that perspective. This is the power of wisdom. 

Instead of striving for stuff and things, we should strive for wisdom. “For being wise is having the power of knowing and judging what is true, beautiful, and good because it provides you with the power to discern what you should and should not do.” Wisdom allows us to navigate situations in life confidently knowing what we should do. Wisdom is the development of things learned in the past. Whether this is learned by our own experience or from the experience of others, it is a collection of knowledge put into practice. 

Giulia Viggiano Grade 8

Giulia Viggiano

An example of wisdom is found in Solomon.  When Solomon became king, God asked him what he wanted and Solomon asked for wisdom. God granted his desire for wisdom and he became the most wondrous of all kings who ever lived. His finances exceeded anything you could ever imagine. He lived a long and very prosperous life and ruled Israel with unmatched authority. He was highly respected by all. Any problem he encountered, he usually knew what to do. And when he didn’t, he knew where to go for the answer.  He would turn to God for direction. The wisdom of Solomon depended ultimately on the wisdom of God.

There are no shortcuts in life.  Experiencing the Light and darkness while being filled with love, kindness, compassion, and openness for others and also ourselves is the path to obtaining wisdom. Every event in life has a purpose and a message to teach. Opening our mind and soul to all that life wants to teach us, is what wisdom is and what wisdom does.