By: Amina Malik and Zachary Louis, Gr. 6

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

Hope is trust. As followers of God, we need to trust in him that everything is going to be okay. As humans we have extremely  little control over everything. Remembering that everything  happens for a reason is a key in having hope. Nothing just happens. God knows what is best for all of his creation. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to understand at the time, but in the end something positive always comes out of it.  

Hope is that little light in a dark room. The deeper your faith in God, the brighter the room. We need to believe that tomorrow will be a better day. When we place our hope in God, we become closer to him. Hope comes from the  belief that God will always have your back. He would never let you down. 

Hope is faith. Faith is having trust in someone. If  more people place their faith in God, better days will come. This is not an easy task, especially when what the media portrays is often upsetting. We must remember that because of social distancing, our air is cleaner, our planet is stronger, and we all get to spend more time with our family, safe at home. 

Hope is strength. Strength is a gift from God. Having strength is what you need during difficult times. It takes strength to carry on, and we know our true strength comes from God’s great power. 

With God we have Hope, Trust, and Strength. There is nothing we cannot achieve.