The Tablet Jr. > March, 2021 

By Julian Chouza, Gr. 4

Julian ChouzaIf you like learning in school better than remote learning you think just like me. I like in person school better than remote learning because we get to see our teacher in person. Even though we have to follow safety procedures like mask wearing and staying 6 feet away, we still get to see our friends and talk to them. We also get out of school at 1:30, unlike remote learning where you stop whenever you are done which may be late in the day. Working on the computer all day hurts my brain.

Every Friday we get to have a dress down in school, however at home the students have to wear uniforms. Another great thing about learning in person is being able to buy pretzels during the month and celebrating special occasions with my teachers and classmates.

Learning in person also helps us learn more about Jesus because now we get to go to church every Friday. By learning in person I am able to learn how to have faithfulness to God and be loyal to his work. I especially like to have the Eucharist at church. It makes me feel closer to Jesus and God. During the season of Lent, we pray in the morning and in the afternoon. This builds my faith in God.

Lastly, I prefer learning in person because we get to do fun stuff especially on Fridays, like coloring. We also get to do projects and share them with our class. All my classmates can see the projects in front of them.

I can’t wait for Covid-19 to go away because people won’t be remote and I could see all my friends together in class. Even though Covid-19 is still here the 4th grade class hasn’t stopped us from going remote. We are in different classes and we make the best out of it. We have Zooms together, we bring in projects and present them on Zoom. On fun Friday we watch movies but if we were remote we would not be able to watch movies.