By Ted Wong, Grade 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

     Forgiveness is something that people should give every time someone has done wrong. It’s something you’ll encounter in life eventually and you will have to know what it is, and what it does. But what does it mean? Forgiveness means to stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake. It is an important factor in life and you will need it to succeed.

     A reason why people are going to need it is because it’s for your own good. Usually, forgiveness is seen as helping others because if you forgive someone, you most likely are going to remove their guilt of doing wrong. Although that isn’t wrong, it does have something “missing.” It misses the fact that forgiveness can also help you. It helps you by removing any possible grudges or resentments. The person that the person didn’t forgive, will most likely move on and forget about the sin he or she committed against him. He, on the other hand, might have also moved on but you might still hold that grudge. That could affect him in many ways.

     Another reason why people are going to need forgiveness is because it follows Jesus’ example. Jesus taught us to forgive others even though they might have done something bad to us. Christ is another important factor of our lives. He has taught us many morals and lessons that we should do everyday in life. We should be forgiving and merciful to the people who have done wrong and committed offenses against us. Forgiveness is one of the main lessons he taught us, so we should forgive our enemies.

      The last reason why forgiveness is important is because you might break friendships without it. Forgiveness is something that can help you repair friendships or relationships if you are in one. Friends are also important in life as they support you through hardships, help you complete something, and can be someone to talk to. Losing a friend is certainly hard, and it can easily heart-break anybody. So to prevent that, forgive them or ask for forgiveness. It can show that you are truly sorry for what you did or say to them or vice-versa. Forgiveness can bring you guys back together and become friends again.

     In conclusion, forgiveness is the act to stop being angry or resentful to someone. It is helpful and important in many ways. It can be helpful for yourself and can help you not hold grudges. It follows the example of Jesus’ footsteps and teachings. It can also repair friendships and relationships that you might have hurt or broken. Forgiveness is an important act and should be used at the right time, any day, anywhere.