By Jamie Tai, Grade 5
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

      Why is forgiveness important ? I think forgiveness is important because when we do or say something bad about one another, we can always forgive them for what they have done or said. They will know not to do or say anymore bad things again. When we forgive, we bring peace and love that only God can give. When you do something bad, you should always admit what you have done or said that is wrong and be sorry.

     Forgiveness is important for us to grow and be happy. It allows us to move on without being angry or wanting revenge. To forgive makes one a better person and let go of the past. We do not want to live with hurt or pain. We want to be free and not hold any bad  feelings. 

     What is forgiveness?  Forgiveness is an action of forgiving or being forgiven. When you forgive, our heavenly father will forgive what we had done or said that is not good. There are many reasons why you should  forgive others. The first reason is to forgive others as you would want to be forgiven. The second reason is God will forgive those who confess their sins to him. In the Bible, it says – Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. When we ask for  forgiveness, we have to trust in Christ.

     Forgiveness is an important value that a lot of people need to work on. Forgiving someone helps with our mind, body, and soul. This is how human beings get along with one another. We forgive and forget which makes one a better person. For example, when my brother is mean to me or say things to hurt me, I would forgive him because we are siblings and I love him. I know he would never try to hurt me on purpose. It is easier to forgive him than be upset with him.