By Amy Peralta, Gr. 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

     Everyone at one point or another has forgiven someone before. Have you ever thought of why forgiving is important? Forgiveness may not be what you may expect it to be. Forgiveness is not apologizing. Forgiveness is to stop feeling angry or holding a grudge toward someone who has done something wrong to you. Forgiveness is all around the world but some people don’t like to forgive. 

     Forgiveness needs to be used in our world more often. By forgiving you can stop many unpleasant things from happening. For example, many people can become depressed by not forgiving someone. Not forgiving can also cause loneliness, violence, and joylessness. All of these actions show that without forgiveness you have a dark feeling that grows inside you that makes you feel dreadful and awful. Forgiveness needs to expand all throughout the world. Without forgiveness a lot of people could fall into a regrettable habit and cause a lot of violence and harm to people. 

     Forgiving someone else is freeing yourself from a sin . It allows us to break those chains of thought that have been weighing us down. If you are not able to forgive someone, it forever becomes something that you can’t bear. You will always be thinking of that person in your mind. It affects you more than the person. When it does come to mind, it becomes too much.

     Although there are some people who don’t practice forgiveness. There are those who don’t hold grudges against people. In fact, more people forgive than those who hold grudges. For example, Jesus was crucified and he said, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”. This is a good example because they violently made Jesus suffer but even after all that he asked his father to forgive them so he would not feel a dreadful feeling inside. Martin Luther king also forgave people he fought for and forgave everyone although they didn’t like him.

     One more example is Warrick Dunn. He was 18 years old when his mother was murdered. Since his mom was an only mother he had to become the leader of his family. One day he went to the jail where his mother’s murder was. Warrick started to forgive his mother’s murder. When he was with him he said “ it was a way to gain the power back from all those nights I spent crying to myself to sleep at night. I couldn’t rest easy until I was able to set myself free in my own heart”. This shows how free you can feel when you forgive and how it can change your life 

      In conclusion, forgiveness is so important and it can make you a better human being. Forgiveness is not only accepting an apology but to show that you forgave that person. Forgiveness is not used very commonly but you should use forgiveness all throughout your life and the world.