By John Pagnotta, Grade 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

     Forgiveness is something that you will have to encounter when dealing with a situation. There are times where you would need to forgive a person for doing wrong to you. Forgiveness is to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake. Forgiveness can be important in life and you need it for a couple reasons. You can stay close to the person who did the insult against you and the person can see that you have moved on from it.

      One reason why forgiveness is important is because it can help you in life. If you did not forgive that person who did wrong, you wouldn’t move on about the situation. You would probably think about it a lot and it can distract you. However, if you did forgive the person, you wouldn’t have any grudge about it. It would also be out of your head at some point. Furthermore, you would truly move on from the situation with that person.

      Another reason why forgiveness is important is because it helps keep relationships and friendships together. For example, if you and a friend got in a fight and you did not forgive the person, you would feel awkward being around that person. You may not talk to that person or not even care about him/her. On the other hand, forgiving people helps connect friendships again. There would be no awkwardness between you and the person. In addition, you both move on without any problems. You never want to lose any friends, so forgiving them is a big part of keeping friendships throughout your life.

      Forgiveness is an essential part of your life. You need forgiveness to be like Jesus Christ and follow his example. There will be situations in your life where you will need to forgive someone for doing something wrong. Forgiveness can keep many friendships together and it can play an impact on your life. You always want to forgive a person, even if they did something very wrong. Furthermore, forgiveness helps you end grudges and repair friendships. If we always forgive, we will go to the life where God wants us to go.