But what are they?

Gabriella Manna

By: Gabriela Manna and Maria DiMaggio, Grade 8

St. Bernadette Catholic Academy

Wisdom: The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
Knowledge: The quality of obtaining facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through education.

These definitions are apparently different. But why is it when we are asked the difference between knowledge and wisdom, we draw a blank? There is a deeper understanding to these God given gifts than just the intellectual aspect. They are virtues of grace that lead us to live lives of holiness and humility. Jim Hendrix once said, “Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.” We speak our knowledge and listen to words of wisdom in return. “Knowledge is realizing that the street is one way. Wisdom is looking both directions anyway.”

Maria DiMaggio

Maria DiMaggio

Our knowledge is structured to be one way. Our wisdom can be interpreted in many ways, making there no incorrect way to be wise, but an incorrect way to be knowledgeable. Our world provides us with beautiful illustrations reflecting on the uniqueness of these gifts so we must use them accordingly.

Wisdom is:

  • A gift led by the Holy Spirit
  • Knowledge of the soul
  • Language of the heart
  • Infused with experience
  • The foundation for the practice of resilience
  • How we put our knowledge of our faith into practice
  • An infinite gift of the Lord
  • The comprehension of the Lord’s given grace
  • Practical thinking
  • Used to deter our thoughts from becoming malignant
  • Reflection on human experience
  • The power that closes the path to permanent failure
  • The fruit of love
  • The ability to use our conscience
  • Unbiased judgement
  • The virtue of ethics
  • Living our understanding of the Word of the Lord
  • Acquired over the years
  • The depth of knowledge
  • Forgiveness
  • The morality of humanity
  • Humility at its finest

Knowledge is:

  • A gift directed by the Holy Spirit
  • Fruit from our own effort
  • Acquired through work and studies
  • Intellectual insight
  • Understanding the Word of the Lord
  • The ability to teach our faith
  • Factualily of our world
  • Power of the mind
  • Unveiling the truth of information
  • Applying ourselves
  • Nourishing to the mind
  • Being aware of what we can do
  • Gaining information
  • The potential to succeed in one’s objective
  • An underappreciated privilege
  • A powerful element of the mind

Perhaps the secret to “Wisdom and Knowledge” is not so much to identify what they are, but to pray for the “Wisdom & Knowledge” to use them well. It is our responsibility to utilize them for the glory of God.

How will you use your gifts of “Wisdom & Knowledge”to serve the Lord?