Our Call to Listen

By Giada Amendolara, Grade 8

St. Bernadette Catholic Academy

Giada Amendolara

Giada Amendolara

Wisdom can inspire me to do God’s Will because it allows me to see God in everyone and everything everywhere. The Holy Spirit gives seven gifts and I think wisdom comes as the grace that directs the practice of all other virtues. Wisdom is defined as” the ability to understand, through faith, what God reveals to us.” Wisdom is “the perfection of faith” and because of wisdom, we are able to believe. Wisdom grants us the ability to judge human and worldly things according to God, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is the light from God that allows us to look deeper into our world and ourselves. Wisdom allows us to discover things about ourselves and not just see what we want to see. Wisdom allows us to take this truth and come up with prayerful and reverent answers to the challenges we encounter. In order to gain wisdom, we must listen to His Spirit through a life of prayer and reflection.

When we pray for God’s guidance and for insight through the Holy Spirit, we can be confident that God will provide wisdom. Wisdom can be seen as viewing things the way God sees them. Wisdom can be challenging when we try to apply it to our lives. It leads us into the world with a healing message of purpose, character, and justice that can transform lives.

If we truly want wisdom in our lives, we must ask for it and take time to pray and invite the Holy Spirit to pour wisdom upon us and help us to participate in his limitless and immeasurable love. Jesus is the one true source of all wisdom, but we need to be still, we need to listen, we need to pray and empty ourselves enough to hear His voice.

Shhhhhhh !!!! Listen.